February 18, 2019
Opening shot to the blog post of bride and groom leaving the reception as rose petals fill the air.
Detail photos of the bride's Gucci designer shoes and emerald green earrings.
Wedding bands engraved with the couple's initials rest in a small tray.
Bride Sheridan adds a touch more of mascara to complete her makeup look.
Groomsmen look in the mirror as they all put on their bowties.
Sheridan and her bridesmaids spend some time in robes talking as they get ready for the day.
groomsmen help Tyler tie his bowtie.
Makeup artist adds some final touches to the brides makeup.
Groom gazes out a window as he puts on his final touches.
Bridesmaids share a laugh in their satin robes as they get ready.
Sheridan puts on her final touches as she gets ready for the wedding.
Sheridan walks down an aisle filled with white lilies first her and Tyler's first look.
Sheridan and Tyler stand hand in hand as they take in this first look moment.
The couple hug as they are surrounded by lilies.
Bridesmaids cheer for the bride as she shows them her dress for the first time.
Flower girl and ring bearer complete their duties as they walk down the aisle to start the ceremony.
Sheridan walks down the aisle towards Tyler with her arm in her dads.
Groom wipes a tear from his eye as Sheridan walks down the aisle.
A wide angle shot of the church all of the members and guests.
Sheridan and Tyler share their first kiss as a married couple.
A black and white photo of Sheridan and Tyler walking down the aisle to exit the church.
The couple stands under a beautiful arch filled with red and pink roses.
Sheridan and Tyler pose for classy photos as a newlywed couple.
Sheridan poses for solo shots as her beautiful white gown fills the space.
The couple shares a romantic look as they stand in-front of their reception decor.
Cute travel accents and tasty treats great incoming guests at the reception.
A classy beverage bar lined with pink curtains and covered by a decadent hot pink arch.
The ballroom at the reception space is decorated extravagantly with pink and white tones.
An extravagant girl's golden dress acts as a table as she hands out champagne to incoming guests.
Guests excitedly welcome the newlyweds to the reception area.
Sheridan and Tyler walk out onto the dance floor to have their first dance.
The couple shares a romantic moment as guest watch their dance.
A sweet moment as the father dances with his newly-wedded daughter.
The bride and groom raise their glass as the father of the bride gives his toast.
The wedding couple join hand in hand as they cut their elegant wedding cake.
Sheridan gets ready to toss her bouquet back to the girls.
Tyler kneels down to remove Sheridan's garter.
A man dips his beautiful date as they dance.
One guests shows off his funky designer shirt on the dance floor.
Sheridan and Tyler share an intimate look as they dance on the dance floor.
Groom laughs as he is entertained by two of his guests.
Two guests dance in their chic black outfits.
One guest gets a solo spotlight on the dance floor to show off her moves.
A guest swings his date around on the dance floor.
The groom breaks out his best dance moves with some of his groomsmen.
Two bridesmaids dance back-to-back in their pink gowns.
Groom stands on stage accepting applause from the crowd.
Bride and Groom leave in a classic white car on a road lined with sparklers.

Q. Describe your decor and how you chose it?

When guests entered Austin Country Club they had to walk through the “Walk of Callas”. This was the grand entrance to the reception. Westbank Flower Market had more than 200 Calla Lillies standing up as if they were growing out of the ground, on both sides of the very long walk way. The walls were completely covered with boxwood. At the end of the never ending Walk of Callas was the Golden Goddess Table woman who greeted you champagne. The Pink Enchanted Dining Hall featured 4 food stations and 2 very large portraits above each fireplace (one of the bride and one of the bride and groom that was taken just hours earlier by Jenny DeMarco!) Sheridan’s cake was 10 feet tall and had chandelier crystals dangling from the gold and silver cake. The Dance Room of Ice featured featured a 16 foot ice bar with 2 large beer luges on either corner that were filled with beer. The large dance floor was a mirror where guests enjoyed snapping selfies of themselves. Red Rose and Gold Drinkery was a 4 corner red and gold bar that had a red rose chandelier hanging above it that was the centerpiece of the room. The Walk of Champions was re-created to look like the real Grove in Oxford Mississippi at Ole Miss! Sheridan’s Veuve Room: Where guests can enjoy the world’s best champagne. Featured Veuve arrow tins of cities the bride has visited, a luggage cart with pink Veuve luggage with “Sheridan & Tyler” luggage tags and their wedding date on them. 

Q. Tell me about your attire – who designed your dress and where did you buy it?

I tried on over 100 wedding dresses before deciding on Canadian designer Rivini by Rita Vinieris. The ostrich feathers on the dress really drew me to love the dress. I wanted something different and that I had never seen before and this was it! I added custom jewels around the neckline of the dress to give it some sparkle. 

Q. What shoes did you choose and what jewelry did you wear?

Pink Gucci Marmont shoes with rhinestones all over. I wore my mothers green emerald and diamond earrings as something borrowed. 

Q. What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

Our first look was so special. I have dreamed about our first look from the moment I knew that Tyler and I were going to get married. Also, the 20 minutes Tyler and I got to spend together eating alone in a room at ACC before going out and greeting our guests. It was truly a memorable moment because we had just gotten married and we could peek through a curtain and see our guests arriving while we ate our incredible food that Austin Country Club’s Chef Bob Burn’s prepared for us. We mainly ate the fried okra from the Ole Miss food station!  We were so giddy, excited and on cloud 9.

Q. Do you have any tips to share with other couples?

Try and soak in every moment of your wedding because it will fly by so fast! I love looking back at our pictures and re-living this special day all over again. 


A special thanks to the vendor team:

Church: Tarrytown Methodist

Planner: Barbara Shorts

Cakes: The Cake Plate

Band: Matchmaker 

Lighting: Ilios

Invitations: Bell Invito

Save The Dates: The Inviting Pear

Ice Carver: Full Spectrum Ice

Hair/make up: Nina Fitzgerald of Purple Olive Studio

Flowers: Westbank Flower Market

Production: Townsley Design

Videographer: Adam Grumbo

Fireworks: Big Dog Pyro

Rentals: Marquee, Premiere, Whim