May 22, 2019
Detail photos of the wedding announcement and the brides sparkly sneakers.
A detail shot of the wedding bands.
Bridesmaids relax as they get ready.
Bridesmaids laugh with their bride.
Mother fo the bride helps button up the brides wedding gown.
Groomsmen help the groom tie his bowtie.
Bride ties her sparkly sneakers.
Groom puts on his final touches.
Groomsmen cheers to the big day.
Groom poses for photos in his final look.
A silhouette shot of the groom as he stands in front of the Austin skyline.
Bride makes her way towards the first look.
Bride and groom take their first looks at each other.
The couple embraces.
The couple poses arm and arm as they laugh with each other.
Groom sheds a tear as the bride is walked down the aisle by her parents.
Groom gives a big laugh during the ceremony.
A wide angle shot of the ceremony.
The grooms parents watch as the couple shares their first kiss as a married couple.
The couple walks down the aisle together.
The newly weds pose for a photo with their dog.
The couple poses for portraits around downtown Austin.
An intimate photo of the bride and groom at sunset.
A silhouette shot of the couple downtown.
A wide angle photo of the wedding reception.
Detail photos of the reception food.
Bride and groom walk into the reception.
Speeches are given to start the night.
The father daughter dance starts as guests watch.
Mother and son break it down on the dance floor for their dance.
The mother of the groom sings a song while the father plays the piano.
The coupe shares their first dance together.
Guests start to make their way to the dance floor.
Guests sing and dance along.
Guests drop it low at the reception.
The couple feeds each other their wedding cake.
Groom poses with his fan favorites.
An intimate shot of the bride and groom with the Austin skyline.
A overall shot of the dance floor.
Guests are out on shoulders to keep the night alive.
Groom is lifted in the air by his buddies.
Bride jumps on groom as the dance floor gets rowdy.
Couple exits the ceremony as guests hold sparklers.
The couple rides away in a chariot.

Q. How did you choose your venues?

We wanted something downtown where we could have both the ceremony and reception. We lived in downtown Austin at the time and wanted something that captured the mix of old and new that Austin is to us. I loved the idea of having a wedding at a museum or non-traditional wedding venue, so The Jones Center Rooftop was a perfect fit for us.

Q. Tell me about your attire – who designed your dress and where did you buy it?

I got my dress from Flovare, a designer in L.A. that I actually found from a Facebook add (a win for targeted ads). They sent me sample dresses and I was able to try them on at home and pick out what I wanted. It was a great experience for someone who hates shopping and whose bridesmaids and mom are located in different cities.

Q. What shoes did you choose and what jewelry did you wear?

I wore Keds that were from Kate Spade and covered in white glitter (I knew I wanted to wear flats) and Kendra Scott “ear crawler” earrings that I also got a pair of for my bridesmaids. The rest of my jewelry was simple. I did wear a necklace with a tiny “mrs” on it. I had a hard time finding what type of necklace to wear and this was part of a bride themed gift box one of my bridesmaids gave me.

Q. And your groom – tell me about his look – who was his suit designer? Any other significant accessories?

The grooms suit and bow-tie were from Suit Supply and all picked out by him and his best man (including the tie he had to be threatened into wearing, he apparently wanted a more casual Miami Vice groom look). The groomsmen all got the same suit as well.

Q. What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

For sure all of the dancing at the reception. Also, having to kick my dad out of the bridal sweet while we were getting ready because he just wanted to keep hanging out (definitely a dad move). And that most of our friends and family came out to “after party” with us, including our new friend the DJ (Anthony). Really, the whole day was filled with favorite moments.

Q. What was your favorite image from your wedding day?

There are so many! There’s one of us and our dog (family portrait for sure). Getting to have her in the photos was pretty great (although next time she’s in photos I might get her groomed and remove the poop bag holder from her leash first:)). There is a candid of us dancing where we are having so much fun. And of course all the candid’s of our guests at the reception.

A special thanks to our vendor team:

Planner- Kelly Bottoms

Venue- Jones Center

Catering- Peached Tortilla

Cake- Sweet Treats

Hair Stylist- Addo Salon

Makeup- Adore Salon

Music- Texas Professional Disc Jockey

Stationary- Minted