Downtown Austin setting.
Bride is fanned by her bridesmaids.
Bride gets her makeup done.
Bride and bridesmaids take a shot.
Groom puts on his watch.
Groomsmen cheers drinks.
Bride gets help putting on her wedding gown.
Bride puts on deodorant.
Bride puts on her heels and poses for a photo in her veil.
Bride shows off her look to her bridesmaids.
A detail photo of the brides makeup and outfit.
Father of the bride sees his daughter for the first look.
Bride and groom pose for portraits.
Bride walks towards the first look.
The couple embraces during the first look.
Couple laughs at the first look.
Couple poses for a photo.
Bride and groom walk down a dock along the lake.
Groom twirls his bride on Town Lake.
A silhouette photo of the couple.
Groom is walked down the aisle by his parents.
Bride is walked down the aisle by her father.
Wide angle shot of the wedding ceremony.
The couple steps on glass during the ceremony.
The newly married couple walks down the aisle.
The bride and groom pose for a photo on the couch.
Details photos of the wedding reception.
Greenery lines the long candlelit tables.
White balloons surround the dance floor.
Couple walks into the reception.
Bride and groom have their first dance.
Groom twirls out his bride.
Bride and groom kiss on the dancefloor.
The couple sheds a tear during toasts.
Father daughter dance.
Mother son dance.
Guests dance with the married couple.
The white wedding cake is cut.
Bride dances with a little girl.
Bride dances with her father.
Bride gets ready for bouquet toss.
A guest catches the bouquet.
Bride is lifted high in the air on a chair.
The couple celebrates with the Jewish chair tradition.
Father of the bride is lifted in the air.
All the men gather on the dance floor.
Guest dips his date.
Bride and groom dance together on the dance floor.
The couple shares a kiss beside sparklers.