The wedding party gets ready at a beautiful white house.
Detail photo of the bride's wedding attire.
Groomsmen hang out before the wedding.
Bride hands out bridesmaid's gifts.
Bride gets her hair done.
Mother of the bride watches her get ready.
Bride walks down the stairs to hang out a gift.
Groom puts his socks and shoes on.
Bride gets her makeup done.
Groom puts on his white shirt.
Bride looks at her makeup in the mirror.
Groomsmen put on their final touches.
Bride descends the stairs in her full outfit.
Bride presents herself to her mother and father.
Bride poses with her father.
Bride walks down the stairs of the Austin Public Library for the first look.
A wide angle shot of the encounter and the library.
Bride poses in red modern wall circles.
Bride and groom pose on a red couch.
Portraits of the couple.
An above shot of the couple on stairs.
An intimate shot through the trees.
The church the wedding ceremony is at.
Bride entering the church.
Bride showing off her look to her bridesmaids for the first time.
Bride reading a letter and crying.
Mother of the groom looks sweetly at her boy.
Groomsmen gather together.
Grandmas walk down the aisle.
An above shot of the bride being walked down the aisle by her father.
Bride looks at her father as they walk down.
Groom smiles at his bride.
wide angle shot of the ceremony.
Bride looks longingly at her groom.
The first kiss as a married couple.
A choir begins to sing.
Trumpets in the audience begin.
Flutes in the audience begin.
Bride and groom walk down the aisle together.
The couple exits the church.
An intimate photo of the bride and groom kissing.
A wide angle photo of the bride and groom in front of the church.
The couple poses as they walk.
The reception was held at the Austin Public Library.
The reception is decorated with pink florals.
The reception is decorated with pink florals.
Wide angle photo of the couple dancing their first dance.
Grooms lifts his wife in the air.
Grooms dips his bride.
Mother son and father daughter dance.
Parents give toasts.
Aggies performing the War Hymn.
Aggies performing the War Hymn.
Guests dance and kiss.
Guests pose for a photo.
A jazz band provided music for the night.
The couple cuts their white satin wedding cake.
Bride kisses her husband.
Singer sings towards the camera.
Guests shake their head dancing.
Bride is dipped by a guest.
Guests have fun with cowboy hats and dancing.
Grooms breaks it down on the dance floor.
Bride throws her bouquet.
Guest catches bouquet.
Groom removes garter.
The couple dances on a stage.
Bride and groom exit reception.
Intimate photo of the couple in front of a bridge.
The couple kisses as they leave in a vintage car surrounded by their guests.
The car exits as sparklers shoot on either side of them.