February 17, 2020
Driskill Hotel in Austin, Texas
Brides sparkly wedding nude heels and engagement ring with wedding band
Bride in her dress with veil over her face
Groomsmen helping each other get ready. Suspenders!
Bride showing her bridesmaids her in her wedding dress
Groom laying on a bed with a yellow rose next to him
Groomsmen and groom getting ready
Father of the bride seeing her in her wedding dress
Groomsmen helping the groom put on his bow tie
Bride and groom
outside of central christian church
Bridesmaid walking the ring bearer down the aisle
Groom and groomsmen when the bride starts walking down the aisle
Father of the bride walking her down the aisle and bride and groom at the altar
Bride and groom at the altar in central christian church
Bride and groom kissing at the altar
Bride and groom walking down the aisle after being pronounced husband and wife
Bride and groom celebrating
Bride and groom laughing with each other
Bride and groom kissing and smiling
groom holding bride
bride and groom kissing
bride and groom dancing inside the Driskill hotel
Place setting and menu for the reception
pink and red flowers and table decor at the wedding reception
Bride and grooms first dance
Groom dipping and kissing bride and groom spinning bride in the air
bride and groom smiling at each other
bride and groom listening to a toast from the brides parents
white wedding cake and dog cake
bride and groom cutting the cake
bride and father of the bride dancing
groom and mother of the groom dancing
bride and her sister/maid of honor dancing
bride and bridesmaids dancing for the groom
groom pointing to the bride and bridesmaids as they dance for him
guests dancing at the reception
guests dancing with the bride at the reception
guests dancing with the groom at the reception
guests dancing with the bride at the reception
guests and father of the bride dancing at the reception
band at the reception having a good time
groomsmen and groom dancing and drinking at the reception
father of the bride and bride goofing off and dancing at the reception
bride and groom hugging during the reception
guests dancing at the reception
bride and groom dancing at the reception
bride and groom kissing during the exit
bride and groom celebrating as they exit the reception
bride celebrating her wedding night by standing on a carriage
bride and groom leaving the reception in a carriage

What are your day jobs?

He is an oil and gas engineer and I’m an accountant for Whole Foods.

Where did you both grow up?

We both grew up in Dallas about a mile apart from each other!

How did you meet?

Although we grew up in the same city and knew many of the same people, we didn’t meet until we both moved to Austin. I was at a bar on Rainey Street with my sister and my dog Georgie and Aaron spotted me from afar 🙂 He used Georgie as an excuse to spark up a conversation and since then we’ve been inseparable! 

Tell me about the proposal?

What I thought would be a normal dinner date night ended up being the best night of my life. Aaron was calm, cool, and collected as we enjoyed dinner at Fixe. On our way out the door I spotted a horse and carriage, having no idea Aaron had reserved it just for us! The horse and carriage took us all over downtown Austin, stopping in front of the Texas State Capitol. We got out to take a photo and after the picture, Aaron read me a sweet note and got down on one knee!

What are a few places that are special to you?

Fixe will now and forever be my favorite restaurant. The Driskill Hotel also holds a special place in our hearts since we went there for a drink after he proposed and facetimed our families from the lobby telling them the good news! (and of course, because our wedding reception will be there!) We also love the city of Portland as this was our first real trip together, which we took just a few weeks after our engagement. Although both from Dallas, Austin is where we built our life together so we love everything about this city!

When you can do anything you want to do, what do you do?

I love the greenbelt and hanging out with our dogs. Aaron and I love to do puzzles and this is typically how we spend our Sundays (after a Whole Foods and Target run of course 🙂

What is your favorite music and/or songs that mean the most to you as a couple? A playlist of sorts would be great! And any stories are great too!

Early on in our relationship, the lead singer of the Cranberries passed away and I remember Aaron facetiming me while singing their song Linger–so that song will always be special to us! Also, on our first road trip we discovered we both randomly love the Jewish reggae singer/rapper/beat-boxer Matisyahu–we knew all the words to the same song and had the best car ride home from Houston! Lastly, we both get REAL into 90s rap/hip-hop when it comes on (old kanye, akon, snoop, etc.)

What are your favorite foods/restaurants?

WE LOVE PIZZA. Pizza Sundays are a staple in our house. We also love Mexican food and a good Mexican Martini.

Any pets? Tell me about them!

YES! We both had dogs before we met each other and now they’re best friends (a lot of fluff going on, as you know!) Annie is an Old English Sheepdog and is 4 years old and Georgie is a 2 year old Goldendoodle. We’re obsessed with them.

What are your (his and hers) favorite drinks when you are celebrating? Craft beer, wines, cocktails, bubbly?

Aaron loves scotch and I love red wine and champagne or anything with tequila 🙂

What are your favorites drinks for Sunday mornings? Special herbal teas? Love a particular coffee? Bloody Mary’s?

COFFEE, COFFEE, AND MORE COFFEE. I drink any/all coffee and Aaron loves the El Equinox coffee from El Tacorrido. Also, who doesn’t love a nice morning Mimosa?

A special thanks to the vendor team:

Planner: Barbara’s Brides

Ceremony Venue: The Driskill Hotel

Reception Venue: Central Christian Church

Florist: Bouquets of Austin

Catering: The Driskill Hotel

Cake and Desserts: Sweet Treats Bakery

Reception Entertainment: Danny Ray and the Acoustic Production

Stationary: Shannon Ferguson

Videographer: Moonlit Weddings

Hair and Makeup: Lola Beauty