Celebrating The Next Chapter at The South Congress Hotel

February 13, 2021
Left: staged wedding stationary; Right: staged name cards with grooms' rings
Left: blue and black vow books in wooden bowl; Right: groom's shoes, mask, tie, and vow book
Grooms' suit jackets hanging on wooden armoire
Grooms' helping each other get ready
Groom looking out window
Groom getting ready while smiling into mirror
Grooms getting ready and laughing together
Left: Grooms embracing and looking at each other smiling; Right: grooms embracing and kissing
Grooms embracing and leaning in to kiss
Left: Grooms holding hands and laughing; Right: close up of grooms holding hands
Left: Grooms sitting on bench; Right: Grooms holding hands and walking
Grooms sitting on stairs and looking at each other
Grooms sitting on bench while groom on right kisses the forehead of the groom on left
Left: wooden triangular ceremony décor with feathered detailing; Right: close up of feathered detailing on  ceremony décor
Groom being walked down the aisle by his mother and father
Groom being walked down the aisle by his parents
Grooms and their families facing each other at the end of the aisles
Groom embracing his mother
Guests viewing the ceremony
Groom laughing at spouse while holding hands
Mother wiping a tear
Guests smiling during the ceremony
Parents of the groom smiling during ceremony
Parents of the groom laughing during the ceremony
Grooms holding hands and smiling at parents before saying their vows
Guests crying during ceremony
Grooms' first kiss after saying vows
Grooms' holding hands and walking away from the stage
Grooms holding hands and laughing at each other while walking
Grooms holding hands while walking on sidewalk and laughing
Left: Reception table decorations of cactus and greenery; Right: South Congress Hotel sign
Close up of grooms sitting on couch and holding hands
Grooms sitting on couch while groom on right kisses the forehead of groom on left
Left: Reception tableware and decorations; Right: Reception table decorations
Reception decorations of wooden triangular piece with feathered detailing and important persons table
Grooms standing and laughing during reception
Guest laughing during reception
Grooms looking at framed gift and wiping a tear
Grooms slow dancing during reception
Grooms slow dancing during reception
Groom dancing with mother during reception
Volkswagen kick van photo booth
Groom embracing his mother while dancing
Groom embracing to guests and smiling
Grooms dancing during reception
Guests dancing at reception
Guests taking selfie during reception
Grooms walking out while guests hold sparklers around them and cheer
Grooms kissing in Volkswagen kick van photo booth

Q. How did you choose your venues?

South Congress Hotel was chosen due to location and Kirk’s familiarity with the venue from previous work events. The ability to have the venue open between the courtyard and event space was perfect.

Q. Tell me about your attire – who designed your suites and where did you buy them?
We wanted attire that would echo our personalities so Kirk wore a midnight blue tux complemented with black accessories (bowtie, cufflinks, shoes, and vows booklet). Warren wore a light blue suit, a peach colored tie, omitted the belt, brown shoes, and my favorite pair of socks – a light blue pair with a bunch of little Siberian huskies all over them. The suits were fitted and purchased at Indochino. Our boutonnieres were small succulents backed by a couple feathers to further match our color schemes. Lastly, to top off our attire, we had COVID-19 masks that matched our colors.

Q. What shoes did you choose?
One of our groomsmen really knows his shoes. He recommended Magnanni for black tuxedo shoes and Cole Haan for a nice set of brown dress shoes.

Q. Why did you choose me, Jenny, to be your wedding photographer?

We researched and researched wedding photographers. Jenny’s company came up several times in our search and had great reviews, but we needed more information. The final decision was made when a wedding photographer had this to say about Jenny: “She’s legit. She is very good and she is at the very top of our market. She’s like the Bentley of Austin wedding photographers.”.

Q. What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?
Aside from sharing our personally written vows, our favorite moment was honoring the parents during our ceremony. We will never forget having them take the center aisle and have our officiant share our thoughts and praises to them as part of the ceremony. To be able to take time and recognize the families involved in our union was truly special.

Q. What was your favorite image from your wedding day?
The shot of us sitting on the stairway in the middle of South Congress Hotel looking at each other. We cannot wait to get this one framed.

Q. Did any of your other vendors go above and beyond for you?
All of our vendors were so great given the environment. Our friends keep asking when we can do it again.

Q. Do you have any tips to share with other couples?

At first, we were disappointed not being able to celebrate with everyone that we initially invited. But, looking back, the event became a more intimate experience for everyone involved. At 43 guests, we each knew everyone in attendance, so we were able to take the time to be in
the moment with our loved ones. And, more than that, we were able to conclude the event with a sound mind knowing we did not unnecessarily risk exposing any of our loved ones to CVOID-19. After all, it would have been emotionally devastating for us if even a handful of participants got sick because they came to our wedding. So, try to remember that, as painfully unideal/inconvenient precautions in place might be, if it prevents even one or two of your loved ones from getting incredibly sick, perhaps it is all worth it in the end.

A special thanks to the vendor team:

Venue: South Congress Hotel

Videographer: Joshua & Parisa

Planner: Bird Dog Wedding

Florist: Articulture Designs

Officiant: Rita Garza

Partner 1 Attire: Indochino

Partner 1 Accessories: Tie Bar

Partner 1 Shoes: Magnanni

Partner 2 Attire: Indochino

Partner 2 Attire: Tie Bar

Partner 2 Shoes: Cole Haan

Invitation Artwork: Denise Romero

Invitation Production: Minted

Programs: Jen Krause Paper Co.

Escort/Place Cards: Jen Krause Paper Co.

Menus: Jen Krause Paper Co.

Rentals: Premiere Event Rentals

Catering: South Congress Hotel

Music: Dart Collective

Photo Booth: Vannagram & Co.