Friends and Family at the Four Seasons

April 17, 2022

Left: The blue and white invitation suite surrounded by white roses. Right: the bride's white Sam Edelman heels surrounded by white roses
The wedding bands, engraved with "Love Always, Leigh"
The Elizabeth Street Cafe Sign in Austin, Texas. The sign advertises "noodles, bahn mi, boulangerie"
Left: The pink door of Elizabeth Street Cafe. Right: The bridal party gifts, wrapped in a white box with blue ribbon
The table settings at Elizabeth Street Cafe for the bridal shower
Left: the outside tables with red chairs at Elizabeth Street Cafe for the bridal shower. Right: the bride holding a margarita and showing off her ring
Guests mingle at Elizabeth Street Cafe at the bridal shower
Bridal shower guests sip on their drinks and smile with each other.
Guests mingle at the bridal shower and laugh
Bridal shower guests smile and pose for a picture with their gifts
A guest holds up her gift at the bridal shower and her friends laugh
The bride and groom smile and pose for a picture at their rehearsal dinner
Left: The white and green flower arrangements at the rehearsal dinner sit on tall tables with black linens. Right: The bride shows off her blue platform heels with bejeweled bows on the back
Picture frames of family and an El Arroyo picture book for guests to sign sits on a mantle at the rehearsal dinner
The bride and groom smile as they listen to toasts at their rehearsal dinner
The bride hugs her mother at the rehearsal dinner
The bride and groom sit at their table at the rehearsal dinner, and the groom puts his arm around his bride
The bride laughs during a toast at the rehearsal dinner.
The bride and groom clap after a toast.
The groom pins a cufflink on his father
The groom and his father show off their custom monogrammed cufflinks.
The groom laughs with his groomsmen as they share drinks before the ceremony
The groom fixes his bowtie and cufflink before putting on his jacket
The groom shows off his custom suit collar with his wedding date sewed into it and his white boutonniere.
A little boy stands in the middle of all the grown groomsmen and laughs, happy to be a part of the action.
The bridesmaids smile as they watch the bride get her makeup done on the big day
The bride smiles with one of her bridesmaids as she gets her hair and makeup done
The bride smiles for pictures with of her bridesmaids in matching pajamas
The bride laughs with her bridesmaids in matching pajamas
The bride holds hands with her mother before putting on her wedding dress.
The lace details of the brides wedding dress
The bride looks out the window and smiles after putting on her dress and jewelry.
The father of the bride smiles as he sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time
The bride and her father embrace after he sees her in her dress for the first time
The bridesmaids see the bride in her dress for the first time and the flower girl hugs the bride, barely reaching her waist
The bride walks down the stairs at the Four Seasons where her groom is waiting to see her for the first time
The groom smiles as he sees his bride for the first time
The bride and groom hug after the first look
The bride and groom smile for pictures with the bride's lush white and green bouquet
Portraits of the bride in her stunning lace gown, holding her bouquet
Detail shots of the groom's suit, boutonniere, and custom monogrammed "WS" cufflinks
The bride and groom smile at each other in an embrace
Portraits of the bride and groom before the ceremony, holding hands and walking
The bride and groom smile at each other in an embrace
The groom kisses the bride's forehead as he hugs her from behind
The bride high fives the ring bearer
The outside of Central Christian Church, where the ceremony took place
Flowers surrounding the front sign at Central Christian Church and decorative columns lining the aisles inside
The church altar and a floral arrangement outside the front doors
The bride hugs her mother before the ceremony
Friends and family greet guests as they find their seats at the church
Kids play around with the groomsmen and hide in the ottomans.
The groom walks down the aisle with his mother.
A little boy walks down the aisle with the ring bearers and flower girl.
The flower girl walks down the aisle, dropping flower petals as she goes
The bride walks down the aisle with her father, smiling at their guests.
The bride and her father smile as they walk down the aisle together
An aerial shot of the bride walking down the aisle with her father.
The father of the bride kisses her on the cheek before parting ways at the altar.
The bride and groom stand at the altar, holding hands and gazing at each other.
A drone shot of the bride and groom kissing at the altar
The bride and groom smile as they walk down the aisle together, hand in hand
The table settings at the reception with white flowers and light. The table  numbers have watercolor paintings of places that are important to the bride and groom.
White flowers and candles in glass vases adorn the tables at the reception.
A custom watercolor sign at the bar with the couple's signature drinks and  monogrammed drink coolers.
A colorful plated salad at the reception table, surrounded by candles and white florals.
A little boy goofing around with the groomsmen before the reception
The bride and groom enter the reception, hand in hand.
the father of the bride kisses his daughter on the cheek during a toast.
Guests hold hands at the reception.
The bride and groom smile and laugh as they cut their cake
the bride and groom kiss after cutting their cake
The groom dips the bride during their first dance and they smile at each other.
The bride dances with her friends at the reception.
The groom spins the flower girl on the dance floor.
The groom holds the flower girl and they dance to the music.
The bride hugs a friend on the dance floor
The bride smiles and laughs as she sips on her drink at the reception.
Guests laugh and dance at the reception.
A guest spins one of the bridesmaids on the dance floor and they both laugh.
An older couple dances together at the reception.
A couple smiles and leans on one another as they dance to the band
The bride laughs as she dances with family.
The bride and groom kiss as their friends surround them and cheer, hands in the air.
A couple dances on the floor with their drinks and hands in the air.
A guest sits on his friends shoulders, wearing flower crowns and dancing with friends at the reception.
The groom dips his bride on the dance floor. They are both wearing party accessories, sunglasses, and flowers.
The couple dances on the floor, wearing white flower crowns along with the rest of the guests.
The groom crowdsurfs, hands in the air.
The guests lift the bride up in the air, and pass her around in a crowdsurf.
The bride and groom smile and hold each other as they share their last dance while the guests prepare for their grand exit.
The groom dips his bride and she sticks out her leg, showing off her white sneakers.
The bride and groom exit the reception, surrounded by guests holding sparklers.
The bride and groom point and wave goodbye to their guests as they hop on a bike carriage.

Q. Where did you both grow up?

We both grew up in Houston!

Q. What are your chosen professions?

I am a registered nurse and Will is a software engineering manager.

Q. How did you meet?

We met the summer going into our senior year of high school through my best friend. Dated all through our senior year, broke up for college but still remained very close, and started dating again after college. 

Q. Tell me about the proposal?

Will totally surprised me! We were in Aspen for a week and the trip was originally planned because Will’s Fantasy League was doing their draft in person. Luckily, the draft was done the first night we were in Aspen so I planned out the rest of the week for us. I am very type A when it comes to trips so I had every detail/activity/dinner reservation planned out for the whole week. It crossed my mind that he could propose but I quickly talked myself out of it because I knew if he tried to pull any stunt I would know immediately. But he managed to wrangle in a very close couple friend of ours who happen to be in Aspen the same week… he told the girl to text me asking if we wanted to meet for drinks in the park before we went our separate ways to dinner (which we do all the time in San Francisco so I didn’t think twice about it) and I told her that we would love to. When we got to the park, she texted me and said her and her fiance were “running late” so we walked around this park while we waited for them and when he got me to “the spot” he got down on one knee and I was shocked! It was so fun and perfect and we then got to go around downtown Aspen with a photographer to take some more pictures :). Oh and our friends were never actually planning to meet us in the park, ha! 

Q. What are a few places that are special to you. This could be a vacation, a local hiking spot, where you met, something you enjoy doing together locally, etc. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just someplace you have made memories together.

Aspen is very special to us since we got engaged there. San Francisco is where we have lived for the last 3 years so it also holds a very special place in our hearts. We love live music and some of our favorite concerts we have seen together are Gary Clark Jr, Jack Johnson, The Rolling Stones and Van Morrison. We love going on long walks with our dog in the mornings. We also both love trying new restaurants, whatever the new hot spot is! And we always over order because we have to try just about everything on the menu. Both our parents have lake houses (Leigh’s on Lake LBJ and Will’s on Lake McQueeney) so both of those places are extremely special to us as well. 

Q. When you can do anything you want to do, what do you do? i.e. what are your hobbies, what do you like to do in your leisure time, what makes you happy when you are spending time together?

Will loves to golf, so you can usually find him on a course or at the range. He also loves to play the piano and I love listening to him play! I love to run and go on walks. I also love to cook. We both love to go north of San Francisco and hike. We’re always looking for a new show to watch together. We love hosting people at our apartment for dinner, hanging out, trying new cocktail recipes, etc. 

Q. What is your favorite music and/or songs that mean the most to you as a couple? Any special concerts you attended together? A playlist of sorts would be great! And any stories are great too!

We love listening to Jack Johnson together, especially on lazy Saturday and Sunday mornings! We also love Van Morrison, we listened to him all through our senior year of high school while we dated. Our first dance will most likely be to one of his songs, still trying to decide which one though. 

Q. What are your favorite foods/restaurants? Are either of you into cooking at home?

We LOVE going out to eat! We would have to split this question up between our favorite San Francisco restaurants and Houston restaurants. San Francisco Favorites: State Bird Provisions, Nopa, Tacko, Souvla, Tony’s, Delarosa, Mamanoko. Houston Favorites: Goode Co Seafood (usually our first stop after getting picked up from the airport), Local Foods, Central Market for lunch, Escalante’s, Prego (where we had spent our first valentine’s day together in high school!), MF Sushi. So many more but have to stop somewhere! We also have some Austin favorites… Perla’s, Clark’s, ATX Cocina, Josephine house, Matt’s El Rancho, Juiceland, Thai Fresh and Will’s favorite from his college days at UT is Sushi Nichii, ha!

Q. Any kids or pets? Tell me about them!

YES! Our dog, Cosmo. He is a 7-month-old golden retriever that yes, is a COVID puppy. But he is the absolute best little rascal and we are crazy obsessed with him! 

Q. What do you love most about your partner?

Leigh: I love that Will keeps me grounded! He doesn’t get caught up in drama/gossip which helps me steer away from those things. I love his sense of humor. It’s very dry and it always makes me laugh. I also love when he finds a new hobby. He puts so much time and effort into new things he likes and it is inspiring! Will: I love Leigh’s genuine care for our friends and family. I love that Leigh has resolve in sticking to a healthy day to day schedule (cooking, working out, etc) and is always planning for our future together. I love that these and many other qualities that Leigh possesses have made and will continue to make me a better person throughout the rest of our lives together.

Q. What are each of your favorite drinks when you are celebrating? Craft beer, wines, cocktails, bubbly, or a mocktail?

His: A mezcal or gin cocktail! Hers: Champagne for sure!

Q. What are your favorites drinks for Sunday mornings? Special herbal teas? Love a particular coffee? Bloody Mary’s?

Coffee! We order Texas Pecan coffee beans and make our own coffee most weekends. There is also a coffee truck called Philz that is local to SF and parks nearby our apartment. So some weekends we walk down there with Cosmo and then continue to walk along the water down to the beach!

A special thanks to the vendor team:

Ceremony: Central Christian Church

Reception: Four Seasons Austin

Planner: Pearl Events Austin- Betsy Lowery

Florist: Bouquets of Austin

Catering: Four Seasons Austin

Cake: Four Seasons Austin

Hair/Makeup: Adore Makeup Salon

Entertainment: Matchmaker Band

Stationery: Carly Creative Co.