A Timeless Celebration of Love at the Four Seasons

January 27, 2023
Bride laughs with bridesmaids while getting ready
Mother of the bride zips up the bride's dress
A bridesmaid hugs the bride after she shows them her dress
Left: dramatic shot of the bride's dress in front of a window. Right: Bride sits and looks out the window in her dressing room
Groomsmen stand behind and around the groom and hype him up
Bride smiles, looking at her groom, as she comes down a staircase during the first look
Left: Bride stands on a staircase and shows off the back of her dress with a big bow. Right: Groom kisses bride's forehead as they embrace
Bridal party looks out window to watch the bride and groom's first look
Left: A wide shot of the bride and groom together during the first look. Right: Close up of the bride and groom smiling during the first look
Left: Bride and groom hold hands and walk together. Right: A close up shot of the bride and groom holding hands
The bride and groom hold hands and walk together, laughing
A wide shot of the groom holding the bride from behind as they look at each other
The groom holds the bride from behind and she looks over her shoulder, smiling at him
The bride and groom's family presents the signed ketubah to them
The bride walks down the aisle with her parents
A wide shot of the bride and groom standing at the altar
The bride and groom circling at the altar
The groom crushes a piece of glass under the chuppah and the guests shout, "Mazel tov!"
Left: The bride and groom walk together, smiling. Right: The bride and groom laugh together at the altar
The bride and groom kiss at the altar
The bride and groom enter the reception as the guests applaud. The groom pumps his fist in the air.
The groom dips the bride and they kiss as the band plays in the background.
The bride and groom clap as family members present a Jewish wedding tradition
The table set up at the reception with candles, place settings, and champagne glasses
Left: A close up of a place setting at the reception. Right: a floral arrangement with greenery and white flowers
Left: A wide shot of the reception tables. They are set with tall candles, white china, and crystal glasses.
Left: A shot from behind of the bride and groom sitting at the table, sharing their wedding meal. Right: The bride and groom hold hands, smile, and hold champagne glasses
The bride dances with her mother at the reception
Guests dance the Horah and the bride and groom are lifted into the air on chairs
Guests dance the Horah as the bride and groom are lifted into the air in chairs. The bride and groom smile at each other.
The bride dances as her friends circle around her, clap, and cheer her on
The bride and groom kiss and toast champagne next to their wedding cake
The bride and groom intimately slow dance together while the guests prepare for their exit.
The bride groom dips the bride and kisses her as guests wave streamers for their big exit.

Q. Where did you both grow up?

Jessica grew up in Kansas City, KS; Jeff grew up in Potomac, MD.

Q. What are your chosen professions?

Jeff is a business analyst and Jessica is a Ph.D. student.

Q. How did you meet?

Jessica and Jeff met through Greek life in college in 2012. We started dating in August 2012.

Q. Tell me about the proposal?

Jeff surprised Jessica while she was on an academic trip to Chicago. He surprised her by having the whole family (both his and hers) to Chicago.

Q. What are a few places that are special to you? This could be a vacation, a local hiking spot, where you met, something you enjoy doing together locally, etc. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy; just someplace you have made memories together.

Austin is a special place as it’s where we first met, where we ended our long-distance relationship for 3 years, and where we have since settled down (for now). We particularly like the Pfluger bridge on Lamar Blvd. We like doing yoga together and have a studio that we routinely go to which has become a nice routine for us. We also like certain restaurants around Austin (like Bouldin Creek Cafe, Lenoir). On trips, we have had lovely trips around the world: Israel, Spain, and Mexico come to mind. 

Q. When you can do anything you want to do, what do you do? i.e. what are your hobbies, what do you like to do in your leisure time, what makes you happy when you are spending time together?

When the weather is nice out we love to take long walks with our dog in our neighborhood and wish we could live in houses we cannot afford. We take him to Zilker Park and Auditorium shores often. We are both active – – doing yoga, Jeff enjoys to run, and Jessica has proven to be very productive while on the elliptical. We like to cook. Jessica has a lot of schoolwork, but Jeff uses the time to read books and keep her company. 

Q. What is your favorite music and/or songs that mean the most to you as a couple? Any special concerts you attended together? A playlist of sorts would be great! And any stories are great too!

Vance Joy – Riptide; Oh Wonder – Lose it; Leon Bridges; Tom Misch 

Q. What are your favorite foods/restaurants? Are either of you into cooking at home?

Bouldin Creek Cafe, Veracruz Tacos (and Radio Coffee), (sometimes) Ramen Tatsuya, Loro, Matt’s El Rancho – – a lot of restaurants by South Lamar 😀

Q. Any kids or pets? Tell me about them!

Murphy! He is a King Charles Cavalier / Havanese mix. He is the boss of our household. 

Q. What are each of your favorite drinks when you are celebrating? Craft beer, wines, cocktails, bubbly, or a mocktail?

All are fair game! Jessica tends to go with either wine or a vodka soda; Jeff drinks most things that are presented to him (but tries to keep drinks low-cal).

Q. What are your favorites drinks for Sunday mornings? Special herbal teas? Love a particular coffee? Bloody Marys?

We are big coffee drinkers. We buy a collection of beans and have a grinder to keep the beans fresh. We tend to enjoy Texas Pecan coffee but experiment often with new flavors.

A special thanks to the vendor team:

Venue: Four Seasons Austin

Planner: Betts & Co

Coordinator: Pearl Events Austin

Caterer: Four Seasons Austin

Cake: Four Seasons Austin

Florist: Stems Floral

Rentals: Whim Hospitality, Townsley Designs

Photobooth: Studio On Site

Lighting: Ilios, PSAV

Music: Matchmaker Band

Hair/Makeup: Adore Salon