Elegant Dinner in the Garden at Commodore Perry

February 12, 2023

Jordan and Sam chose to get married at the newly opened Commodore Perry Estate, an upscale boutique hotel in Austin, Texas. The estate was originally built as a country home for “Commodore” Edgar Perry and his wife. It has since been reimagined as a luxurious place to stay.

The property is complete with great dining, the historic mansion, a three-story inn, and a dreamy landscape, making it the perfect spot for a wedding. Jordan and Sam took full advantage of the sunken gardens, having dinner under the night sky. As one of the first weddings at the estate this season, their wedding was a special night for everyone involved.

After having to postpone their spring wedding, the couple was eager to finally celebrate in the perfect Texas fall weather. The pair planned an elegant black-tie soiree for their guests to enjoy with their own fun and relaxed touches throughout the day. Jordan wore these chick, slightly edgy silver booties with a black stripe down the back.

A favorite moment was after the couple got up after dinner to welcome all of their guests and invite them inside for music and dancing, they were surprised by ground sparklers going off around them. I really believe planning small little “surprise and delights” moments, in any event, make for a memorable evening that guests talk about when it’s all over!

Q. How did you choose your venue?

We toured a wide variety of venues around Austin and fell in love with Commedore Perry! Even with the site under construction while wearing hard hats, we knew it was the perfect venue! 

Q. Describe your decor and how you chose it?

We wanted something timeless. We met with vendors, who were so patient with us, and trusted their expertise throughout the entire process.

Q. Tell me about your attire – who designed your dress and where did you buy it?

I wore a Haley Paige dress I was lucky to find at Stardust Celebrations.

Q. What shoes did you choose and what jewelry did you wear?

I wanted shoes with a comfortable heel, but that would also be totally unique. Even though they were barely seen, finding shoes I really loved gave me an extra confidence boost throughout the day! The jewelry store where we bought our rings was kind enough to allow me to wear jewelry on loan.  

Q. Who designed the bridesmaid’s dresses?

Bridesmaids chose from a variety of black dresses. I wanted each of my friends to feel comfortable and beautiful. 

Q. And your groom – tell me about his look – who was his suit designer? Any other significant accessories?

Sam wanted a classic and classy look that would suit not only the occasion but also the venue. He was always set on himself and his groomsman wearing tuxes and was very happy with how it turned out.

Q. Why did you choose me, Jenny, to be your wedding photographer?

We knew very early on that we wanted Jenny to be our wedding photographer. Her gallery of previous work was stunning and left us with no doubt that we would be able to look back after our wedding and have incredible memories through pictures. We saw the depth and breadth of her photography that surpassed all other Austin-based photographers. We are still so happy with our decision to choose Jenny to be part of our special day! 

Q. What was one of your favorite moments from your wedding day?

Our favorite memory is our last dance. After all the excitement of the ceremony and reception, we finally had a few minutes to be alone together and soak in the most incredible hours that had flown by faster than we could’ve ever imagined. We highly suggest something like this to other couples planning a wedding.

Q. What was your favorite image from your wedding day?

Too many to count! One that is particularly special for both of us is an image of Sam holding me and giving me a sweet kiss in the middle of the incredible fireworks going off around us. We both remember the moment clearly and it looks like something out of a movie.

Q. Did any of your other vendors go above and beyond for you?

If we were to plan a wedding all over again, I can honestly say we would choose the exact same vendors! All of them went above and beyond. The venue was even more beautiful than we could have imagined and the food was incredible. They treated us so well and it remains the most special day we could ever dream of.

Q. Do you have any tips to share with other couples?

Definitely soak in as much as you can and don’t be afraid to incorporate things that are special/unique to you. Everyone always says it goes by quickly, but it went by even faster than we were warned. Set aside time, even if it’s just a few minutes, that will allow you to truly appreciate the celebration that brought all of your favorite people together. We wish we could do it all over again!

A special thanks to the vendor team:

Venue and Catering: Commodore Perry Estate

Planner: Pearl Events

Caterer: Commodore Perry Estate

Florist: Bouquets of Austin

Music: Night Owls

Hair and Makeup: Adore

Lighting: Ilios

Transportation: 4 Leaf Limo