Options for Privacy

As a photographer, being able to share photos from the weddings I photograph is really important; it enables me to attract new clients, through blog posts, Instagram venue searches, and so on. My pricing reflects the assumption that I will be able to use your photographs in my online portfolio, journal, and Instagram feed.

A lot of my couples on the other hand request privacy of their photos. I understand this! You don’t want someone to Google your name and find photos that might be intimate, photos that you’d rather share with friends and family only.

I want to talk about how I typically use the photos, and the various privacy options I offer, so that we can figure out something that works for you.



I can post photos publicly without prior permission.

Couple may request that initials are used instead of names

Couples may request removal of any photos if they consider them to be too private to share

Couple may request that their full gallery is password protected

This option is great for 99% of couples as it means their images aren’t searchable by name, and they have the option to request I take down any specific photo(s) but enables me to update my portfolio, Instagram etc. without restriction, and also means I can offer them teasers withing ten days following the wedding, usually via a slideshow of favorite images.