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Monaco was a must see for Chris, whom is a avid Formula One fan (for those that don’t know what that its IndyCar for the rest of the world)… these are sleek and fast, really fast. With the famous Monaco Grand Prix taking place only three weeks earlier, the tire marks were lit
Ah….the French Rivera….can I just pretend to be glamorous for one evening. Two of my favorite things to do in their absolute best form….slow strolls and eating! Unfortunately, Nice did not give Chris a good first impression, but that is because we drove into the city…so
We left our good friends Chris and Gillian on Monday (Gillian must be the best hostess in the world...thanks a billion for your gracious hospitality...) From Zurich, we headed east towards Devon. Our route took us from Davos to Stelvio via Bormio...but basically we were in the mi
An hour train ride from Zurich and then a short bus ride up the mountain we landed in a small town called Amden and then hiked for over 5 hours through the Swiss mountains..(Glarner Alps) to places I never thought in my life that I would ever see...we were in wildflower meadows a