Adair Ewin









Fine Arts Major at University of Texas – Class or 2014


What was something you didn’t expect to learn and did?

I didn’t expect to learn so much about blogging, which was a happy surprise because it is a very valuable skill. Learning how to market yourself is extremely beneficial when owning your own business.

Would you recommend this internship to future students?

I would absolutely recommend this internship. Jenny is a phenomenal teacher because she is both knowledgeable and patient. She teaches valuable lessons not only in photography, but also how to conduct yourself professionally and market your business in a world run by technology. I only wish that my schedule had not been so packed this past semester so that I could have spent more time with her!

What part did of the internship did you enjoy the most?

I most enjoyed assisting Jenny at weddings. It was really delightful to watch how Jenny interacts with her clients because she genuinely cares about their happiness and makes it her top priority to dedicate her 8 hours entirely to them.

Do you feel the experience you gained will be beneficial to your future career goals? Anything in particular stand out? 

Absolutely. As a future educator, Jenny showed the importance of really caring about the people you work with, staying organized and being patient when collaborating with others. She also taught me the importance of dedicating yourself to a goal and truly believing that with enough hard work you can reach them.

How was your experience assisting at weddings and shoots? 

Again, I loved it. Jenny was exceptionally prepared and her expectations of my duties were clearly laid out before arriving on site. It felt so good to make the brides and grooms feel special and to see how Jenny interacted with them on such monumental days in their lives was wonderful.  Also, I love dancing and Jenny emphasized often that in order to get fun-filled photos, the photographer often times needs to wiggle, too.

Did you have fun? 

Is that a real question. I think Jenny has a photo somewhere of my frolicking through a field of wildflowers after fluffing a bride’s gown. Yes, I had fun.

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