Claire Ferguson


Fine Art Major – University of Texas – Class of 2014


What was something you didn’t expect to learn and did?

I did not expect to learn as much about managing sales and clients. Honestly, I felt that I learned a new skill every day I came in. This internship constantly kept me on my toes and I never felt bored with the task given out.

Would you recommend this internship to future students?

Yes, since Jenny DeMarco Photography is a small creative business there are areas in her field that could relate to a wide range of careers and majors. She trusts her interns with a lot of responsibility and important information, which I really respected. Not many internships trust interns with large task, which is a shame because it can be a strong motivator.

What part did of the internship did you enjoy the most?

Jenny’s passion for teaching and patience for her interns would be my favorite part of the internship. Whether it’s marketing, excel, Photoshop, blogging, sales, InDesign, submissions, vendors, taxes, Jenny is very supportive in the sense that whatever you want to learn she will make a point to teach you, and usually teaches you more than you even asked for. She is a true teacher and I wish more professors had similar teaching philosophies.

Do you feel the experience you gained will be beneficial to your future career goals? Anything in particular stand out? 

Yes, I intend to have a creative career one day. Whether it’s in a small business or large company I feel confident that the skills I’ve gained will be beneficial for either route. Learning short cuts with programs and sales was important to see. It made me realize there isn’t one way to run a business.  You constantly have to be learning and updating your tools. There will always be easier ways to go about completing task, if you are not lazy about doing the research or asking the right people for advice.

How was your experience assisting at weddings and shoots? 

My experience was all over the place, but in the best sense possible. I feel like I received a wide range of weddings, which is exactly how I would have wanted it. In the end they were always exciting, with plans changing last second and learning how to deal with those changes and make it work. Of course parts of the experience were stressful but I knew from the start that was part of the game with weddings. It was one of my favorite experiences to see behind the scenes of how these productions were put on and what goes into them. I do wish I could have used the camera a few more times but the weddings we attended were unusually tight on schedules, which I completely understand.

Did you have fun? 

Yes, Jenny set up a very welcoming environment. I felt like each wedding was a different adventure and Jenny was the best leader to have on the way. Also, allowing me to work with my best friend, who happened to be the other intern, was a blast! It was helpful having another intern to bounce ideas off of and ask questions when we weren’t all together.

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