Hannah Palmer


Photography and Mass Communications Major
Texas State University – Class of 2014

How would you rate your overall experience this semester?

I would rate this experience a 10.

What was something you didn’t expect to learn and did?

I didn’t expect to learn about the contract stuff, and how much depth actually went into making it.

Would you recommend this internship to future students?

Yes, and I have posted it to my sorority facebook.

What part did of the internship did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed most going to the wedding. It was a whirlwind of learning things first hand all at once.

Do you think the work expectations and time commitments were clearly explained at the beginging of the internship?

Yes. Very.

Do you feel the experience you gained will be beneficial to your future career goals? Anything in particular stand out?

Yes, in particular learning the ends and outs of the event planning industry.

Were you comfortable working in the home office setting? Was there anything you feel should be changed?

I loved it. My favorite was the puppy.

How was your experience assisting at weddings and shoots?

That was my favorite part, because I got to see how you interacted with the client.

Did you have fun?

I had a blast at this internship, I got to learn so much and in a positive environment that allowed me to get involved and ask questions.

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