Lauren Rothwell


Communications Major at University of Texas – Class of 2015

How would you rate your overall experience this semester?

My experience interning with Jenny DeMarco Photography was the perfect fit for me. I would rate my experience very positively, 10-10! 
Jenny’s program is perfect for students interested in going into small business owning in a creative field.
Why you learn some photography tips here and there, she focuses on teaching you the fundamentals of owning a business and marketing while allowing you to attend events and client meetings.

What was something you didn’t expect to learn and did?
I learned a lot about backend SEO and website content build up. I was expecting to learn how to add content on websites and blogs, but I did not expect to learn the importance of search engine optimization in building content on a website.
I am currently working in the event planning industry, and I was excited about working weddings to get a feel for the industry. What I did not expect to learn was how to run and operate an event from a vendors view point, instead of the planner. I learned the importance of keeping the photographers and other vendors in the loop with the specific plans and timing of the events.
Was there anything you were expecting to learn that you did not?
Not at all. This internship completely exceeded my expectations. If you want to be constantly active and learning, instead of doing menial office tasks, then this will be perfect for you!
Would you recommend this internship to future students?
Absolutely! Not only did I learn a lot during my time with Jenny, but I also received credit at UT-Austin. This internship is great for any communications, journalism, business, or fine arts major!
What part did of the internship did you enjoy the most?
My favorite part of this internship was participating in the large amount of client interaction. Working on the website, blog and client software sites was interesting and fun to learn, but being able to interact with the clients and see all of your work fall into place at the event was great to be apart of!
Was there anything you feel could be improved upon to make for a better learning experience for future students?
Do you think the work expectations and time commitments were clearly explained at the beginning of the internship?
Yes. Jenny sat down with me on my first day to work with my school and social schedule in order to figure out which hours and weekdays worked well for me and fit in her time. With this being said, she was also very flexible if I had an exam or needed to swap dates for certain reasons!
Do you feel the experience you gained will be beneficial to your future career goals? Anything in particular stand out? 
Yes, definitely. I am already working with an events company in Houston and feel I have used so much of her knowledge. Not only in working tasks, but with advice Jenny has given on how to present yourself in the workplace and surviving your first real world job!
Were you comfortable working in the home office setting? Was there anything you feel should be changed?
I loved working in the home office. It was comfortable and easy to communicate with Jenny during work. The casual work environment allowed me to transition from class/college life easily, and sitting in a close proximity to Jenny allowed me to get work done while being able to ask questions.
How was your experience assisting at weddings and shoots? 
This was my favorite part of the internship. I loved interacting with the clients during their shoots and weddings. Weddings are long and exhausting, so be sure and be prepared for that! The bridal and engagement shoots were so fun to see the couple together or bride in her gown, I definitely enjoyed these the most.
Do you feel keeping a journal was helpful to retain what you learned? Would you recommend I continue requiring this? Why?
Being required to keep a journal and document your work everyday seems daunting, but it was very helpful for me when it came to my resume and interview process. I was able to reflect on specific tasks that I did and what I learned from everything, instead of having to try and remember a few things that you did over the course of 5 months. I definitely recommend that this continues to be required.
Did you have fun? 
Not only did I learn a lot of useful real world information, but I had a blast. I learned something new everyday, and I was able to tag along and participate at fun photoshoots and events. There was never a dull moment!!